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4/5/07 06:57 am - Almost there...

One more day of work and then, hopefully, at least 4 off. I am so ready for it.

My mother is still not well. She had that virus that's been going around and with her other medical conditions, she's had a hard time shaking it. She's always in danger of being dehydrated as she won't drink enough water. She's very stubborn.

I have missed everything this week that I've been watching on TV. I've got my fingers crossed for Smallville and Supernatural tonight, and maybe CSI when it replays later. That is, if I can keep my eyes open. I've been going to sleep earlier every night.

I suppose I'd better go find something that's not too wrinkled for work.

3/31/07 08:50 pm - Carted my mother around all day...

My mother doesn't drive anymore so we've all kind of been taking turns taking her shopping with us. She asked to go with me today. It started out okay...but somewhere between Wally-Mart and the grocery store...things went downhill. Well, for one thing, I made the mistake of taking her to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. As you know, even if you don't like "Chinese food" you can still find quite a bit of other stuff at the buffet. By the time we got to the grocery store she was kind of frowning but I didn't thinnk anything of it. I figured by that time her legs or hips or knees (arthritis) hurt or maybe her side (shingles, just recently diagnosed) or chest (bronchitis) or maybe her stomach (ALWAYS something wrong with her stomach) was hurting. She disappeared in one part of the store and me in the other. When I saw her again, she was on the waiting bench which happened to be across from where I was checking out at. Behind me in line was a lady from work talking non-stop but so low I could only catch every third word and my mother, who was several feet away, proceeded to tell me, loudly...no problem hearing her, how many times she'd visited the store's restroom (yeah, it was a stomach problem that had her so sour looking) because the food she'd eaten at the restaurant had made her sick. She claims that shit every damn time I take her to eat.

So there I am, wishing she would SHUT UP, trying not to be rude to the co-worker, trying to keep an eye on the cashier who apparently wasn't having a good day either, and just wishing I was someplace else. I KNOW my mother doesn't feel well, but damn, tell me in private and really I can do without the details shouted in public.

Yeah, I know I'm probably mean and selfish and unsympathetic. I'm sure I'll get payed back for it one day, but please God, don't let me regress to the point of describing bodily functions in public to the embarassment of my children.

3/30/07 08:00 pm - Remember, Chapter 1, Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Rated PG

Title of Story: Remember, Chapter 1
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: anakindidntdie
Beta: None, all mistakes are the author’s fault.
Characters: Dean Winchester; other characters in later chapters.
Rating: PG; other chapters may have a higher rating.
Warnings: None for Chapter 1
Words: 2225
Disclaimers: I do not own Dean or Sam Winchester or the Supernatural program.
Summary: Dean Winchester wakes up locked in a jail cell.

Remember, Chapter 1Collapse )

3/29/07 10:09 pm - Still didn't get to watch my show...

I just am not meant to see the Supernatural episode Croatoan. The first time it aired we were in the middle of a fight, I went to stay with my sister and froze to death on her hard as a rock couch trying to see some of the show. Tonight, another disaster that I won't even try to explain. I saw the first 20 minutes.

Men are stupid. Mine seems to be missing a crucial part to his brain.

I'm tired, I'm mad, and I'm going to bed. Hopefully the whole ugly mess will be gone when I wake up again.

3/28/07 10:29 pm - Mother is still sick...

My sister, very reluctantly, took our mother to her doctor's appointment today. Actually, she wasn't just reluctant, she was mad she had to do it. But I counted...I have taken her the last NINE times.

Anyway, Mother has shingles, which is very painful and will take a while to go away. She now has pain medicine, an antibiotic, some kind of cream, and...something else...can't remember what the 4th new thing is, to go along with all her other medicine. She is not to sleep on the side where most of it is broken out...which happens to be the ONLY side she says she can sleep on.

My sister is patting herself on the back for doing her good deed of the year. Nah...I'm just being mean today. She does occasionally do other helpful things. My brother, on the other hand, has apparently gone into hiding, afraid someone might get the idea to ask him to do something. But he has his own problems in life I guess...1 hypochondriac + 1 hypochondriac does not a smooth marriage make.

Can you tell I'm not in the greatest of moods today? Do you think anyone will notice?

3/22/07 10:17 pm - Awwwww...now I want to cry.

Poor Sammy. Every girl he likes ends up disappearing or dying. I was prepared not to like the new one but...alright she was okay. Of course, I compare every female who comes on the show with Jo, who I consider bottom of the barrel material, so usually I can find something to like.

Strained my eyes trying to figure out which body part was what. What lingers in my mind was Sam stretched out at the end of it. I know my mouth was hanging open to the floor. Now I'm still a Dean girl but Sammy really put on a good show.

What's with the 4 week wait until the next new show????
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